Friday, November 7, 2008


The long, seemingly endless election season has come to an end. Working families saw great wins and some unsettling losses in terms of supportive candidates, but the results of the Presidential election have made it clear that the people of this country want change. President-elect Barack Obama has outlined on his new website his agenda for the when the new administration takes office next January. High priorities on the list are matters of the economy, health care, and energy, issues that have become so important to working families across the country. His plans to support our workers, revitalize the economy, phase in reforms to our health care system, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil will be steps in the right direction to provide some relief to the tough financial problems faced by working families every day.

But our fight is not over.

According to the American Automobile Association, Western New York has the highest gas prices of anywhere in the continental US; only Alaskans and Hawaiins pay more per gallon. Congressman-elect Chris Lee wants the market to control our health care system, to deregulate business even further, and will cut government spending for vital social programs that working families here in WNY rely on. Though this was a long campaign cycle that left so many of us very tired of politics, we must still stay vigilant. It is our duty to make sure Congressman-elect Lee takes on our concerns and represents everyone here in the 26th districts - businesses as well as working families.

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