Monday, September 22, 2008

The Continued Adventures of the Elusive Chris Lee

After a call and two visits to Chris Lee's office today, we finally came away with a press packet. It contained yet another palm card, a copy of an editorial from The Buffalo News that was published in May, and some information cobbled together from what was already presented on his website. We were unable to speak directly with Lee, and the campaign refused to fill out our candidate questionnaire, despite warnings that we would proceed without his input, printing "candidate did not respond" on our literature.

As one WFW supporter said in response to Friday's post, "How does he expect to get elected?" Now is the time for action! Write a letter to your local newspaper, and let people know that he's hiding from discussion of the issues. (You can find out guidelines for contacting The Buffalo News and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle on the action section of our website.)

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