Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Mysterious Mr. Lee

This afternoon, representatives from Working Families Win went over to Chris Lee's headquarters to find out more information about where he stands on important issues like trade, health care, and jobs. So far, his campaign has refused several requests made by phone and e-mail, so we decided to go there in person.

The campaign staff refused to speak with us or answer our questions while we were there. Moreover, they had no policy papers to give us that outlined his plans on the issues. The only information we were able to take away from the office was a palm card containing very general claims about Chris having "real world experience" and wanting to "change business as usual attitudes."

We need your help! Take just a couple of minutes from your day to call Lee HQ and ask them to respond to our questions. Let them know how important it is for him to actually address the issues that matter most to working people in Western New York. You can reach Andrea Bozek from his campaign at the office at 716-632-2008 or by cell phone at 716-208-1870.

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