Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Slacker Uprising

Starting today, residents of the US and Canada can download Michael Moore's new movie, Slacker Uprising for free. The film details Moore's road trip across the swing states during the 2004 election season (62 cities in 42 days) with the purpose of getting young people out to vote. Check out the trailer below.

You can watch the entire movie absolutely for free by signing up here. After you sign up, you'll receive an e-mail link that will allow you to view it one of the following five ways:
  1. blip.tv is providing streaming right from slackeruprising.com, free of commercials and advertising.
  2. Amazon Video on Demand is providing a higher resolution version of the above stream for people with lots of bandwidth.
  3. iTunes will make it easy for you to download "Slacker Uprising" on your iTunes, iPod, or Apple TV, and view it there or transmit it to your television. This way, the film can be portable as well as for home viewing. (This is not available yet, but will be soon!)
  4. Hypernia is providing bandwidth and servers to host MPEG4 and DivX versions of "Slacker Uprising" online, so you can burn a DVD or download the film to watch on your computer, XBOX, or PS3.
  5. Lycos is providing free streaming of the film and an on-demand version.
If you sign up and don't receive the link shortly afterward, be sure to check your spam mailboxes. I've heard reports that some mail systems have been filtering the e-mail there by mistake.

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