Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home Again

Today, Christy and I were fortunate to speak with the seniors at my alma mater, Sacred Heart Academy. We went to let them know about Working Families Win and how to get involved, and more generally the importance of being involved with your community. We also had a chance to talk a little bit about some of our key issues here in Western New York - health care, energy, and trade. It was a great experience listening to the girls talk about which points really stick out for them, and what their generation is concerned with.

It was even more heartening to see how disappointed some of them were that they'll just miss the cut off for being able to vote this year. While we need all of the good, progressive voters we can get, the fact that many of them were so energized and engaged about the process was great. It's a good sign for our future that young people actually want to be a part of the process rather than becoming disengaged. We're really looking forward to working with SHA students and other high school volunteers from the area.

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